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TRS Toor Dal Oily (Malawi) 2kg

by TRS
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2.0kg | €0,25 / 100g

About the Product:

TRS Toor Dal Oily or Malawi variety has a sweet, nutty flavour. It can be used to prepare an array of dals, sambhars, rasams, soups, stews and can be served with rice or roti.

  • Toor Dal can be soaked for 2-4 hours before cooking. This helps in easy cooking and digestion.


Nutritional Information:

(Approximate Values per 100g)

  • Calories (kcal): 343
  • Protein (g): 20
  • Fat (g): 5
  • Carbohydrates (g): 63
  • Dietary Fiber (g): 15



100% peeled toor (tur) lentils, Edible oil.


About the Brand:

TRS is a leading brand renowned for bringing authentic and the finest Asian foods to the UK with products made available in the EU, Canada, USA too. Their products withstand stringent quality checks at every level and are packed by factories awarded with high level British Retail Consortium (BRC) accreditation.