Dal Chawal: the Must-Have Indian Delicacy

Dal Chawal: the Must-Have Indian Delicacy

India is a very diverse land with so many people with different cultures and religious beliefs, everything has variations. From local foods to clothing preferences to even the style of the houses built, the monuments, and landmarks resemble the diversity in the culture. There are so many different cuisines, and every state has its own foods made from its special local ingredients. Haryanvi food, Rajasthani food, Punjabi food, and different states with their own unique style to the love of food that we all share.

But there is one thing, a single dish with rice that every Indian has consumed once in their life. No matter their religion or culture, Dal Chawal (Dal rice or Lentil rice) is one of the most loved dishes in the country, even in the neighbouring countries Pakistan, where people consume more meat in their diet, and Bangladesh and Nepal consume this loved dish. Online Indian grocery stores in Germany like Spice Village help people make authentic Indian dishes like Dal chawal at home by providing premium quality ingredients.

Origins of the dish

This dish is extremely loved in India, so most people think that it has origins in the same country.

Dal chawal is for many Indians, a comfort food. Nothing beats the taste of our grandmother cooked Dal chawal. This dish has its origins in Nepal, the neighbouring country of India. The Dal originated in the mountain region of Nepal, thus till this day, you will find stalls serving cooked dal in the Everest base camp and regions near the mountains of Nepal.

In India, from rich to poor, everyone shares their love for Dal chawal. The cooking style and the ingredient quality change, but you can find this food on every table of an Indian household.

Different types of Lentils

Each region, even the community has its way to cook this dish. Dal is a cooked lentil in soup or curry. Uncooked lentil is also called Dal. Commonly Split dal is used, but dal can be whole. It just depends on the preference of the person. And also, the whole dal takes more time to cook, so it needs to be soaked before cooking. Get most of the authentic lentils as well as many other Indian groceries online with free shipping in Germany from Spice Village supermarket.

  1. Split Yellow Moong Dal

    Split Yellow Moong Dal

    Most commonly used dal in the Indian household, this dal is de-husked, as Its skin is taken off and the lentil does not require soaking before cooking. It is used to cook both sweet and savoury dishes.

  2. Whole masoor dal

    Whole masoor dal

    This lentil is brown skinned, and packed in micro-nutrients like fibre. This dal requires to be soaked for 4 to 6 hours.

  3. Split Pigeon peas

    Split Pigeon peas

    Also called Toor dal, this is the most popular type of lentil in the Indian household. This dal is most commonly used in cooking the popular Dal chawal, and this is one ingredient that all Indians love.

  4. Split chickpeas

    Split chickpeas

    This lentil has a nutty flavour, that makes the perfect Chana dal. The lentil is rich in carbohydrates and packed with rich fibre.

  5. Red Lentils

    Red Lentils

    Rich in dietary fibre, protein, and vitamins, this quick to cook lentil is also loved in Indian households. Used in making curries, dips, and even soups, this is a multipurpose healthy Lentil.

Famous Lentil Dishes

Dal chawal is a very wholesome dish. Dal is cooked in curry style, served with perfectly cooked basmati rice and papad, and salad on the side is a meal that fills your heart. Make all these dishes and more at your home in Germany with Spice Village, the best grocery store for online shopping in Germany.

Dal can be cooked using different types of lentils, but we will list the widely consumed famous Dal styles - 

  1. Dal Tadka

    Dal Tadka

    This hearty Indian dish is extremely flavourful and aromatic. A vital source of nourishment and high-quality protein for Indian households. In Dal tadka, the lentil is cooked, with added spices and then is finished with a tempering of Ghee or oil and spices. The dish can be Served with butter roti, Butter Naan, Tandoori roti, or jeera rice and normal basmati rice with salad and this is a meal you will never forget.
  1. Dal fry

    Dal fry

    This delicious dish uses Pigeon peas, (split or whole, usually split are used) onions, tomatoes, different spices, and herbs. This nutritious dish is super easy to make and can be served with Roti, naan, or rice. The difference between Dal tadka and fried dal is that when the cooking of dal is complete, the lentil is simmered in a fired tempering made with onions, ghee or oil, tomatoes, spices, and herbs. Dal is not deep fired, just simmered to add a distinctive flavour and aroma.

  2. Dal Makhani

    Dal Makhani

    This tasty dish originated in Peshawar, Punjab. Punjab is a place filled with people with an extraordinary love for food. Peshawar is now in Pakistan, but the love for this dish is shared in both countries. This dal is thicker in comparison to Dal fry and tadka, as it uses cream and butter, and has a different aromatic feature due to being cooked traditionally on coal.
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