6 Reasons Why Using Online Grocery Will Save You Money

Posted on November 18 2019 by

We are so lucky to be born in this era, as we can do anything we want online. People get to enjoy so many benefits when they buy groceries online. A lot of Indians look for specific goods that they can only find in their country.

Recipe Veg Manchurian

Posted on May 31 2019 by

Manchurian is a famous Indo Chinese vegetarian dish coated with crispy corn flour and filling of cauliflower florets then tossed in a tangy flying goose sriracha chilli Manchurian sauce.

Recipes with Sauce of Kikkoman

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Sauce of Kikkoman
Kikkoman is an excellent form of Soy sauce. The black Soy sauce is used in preparing many dishes.
This sauce is normally available in all Asian and European countries.
This is a naturally brewed condiment that is used in all types of cooking dishes and seasoning. Try it

Most Popular Indian Cuisine

Posted on December 29 2018 by

We cannot help but admire how colorful and rich in history the beautiful country of India is. It is a country that upholds traditions, based on religious and cultural values. Apart from being rich in history, India is also known for its wide variety of spices and cuisine.