Soy Sauce and the Best Asian Dishes One Can Use It In

Soy Sauce and the Best Asian Dishes One Can Use It In

Soy Sauce, originated in China made to stretch salt, a very expensive commodity 2200 years ago. There were many forms of soy sauce or paste, but the way we consume it today was made by The Western Han dynasty in the Ancient China.

Now, this sauce has spread across the globe. It is available at good online Asian grocery places like Spice Village and is used in Asian, western, and European countries too. Mostly used in dishes with meat as an ingredient, but there are different variations too.

Soy sauce is also called different names in different countries, like toyo in the Philippines. 

Variations of Soya Sauce

While soy sauce originated in China, if you go to a store to buy soy sauce, it will primarily be dominated by Japanese brands. Many varieties of these sauces are also available abroad at stores like Spice Village, an Asian supermarket in Germany.

Soy sauce has been produced in each state of Japan and has different characteristics depending on the region the sauce was made. Brewing and ingredients play a major role in making soy sauce, so mainly 5 different types of Soy sauce have originated due to the region and the method of making the sauce. 

  1. Soy Sauce The most common type of soy sauce is the one you find to be used in your everyday cooking. This sauce is mass-produced and is salty and has deep Unami (a distinctive savoury flavour), rounded sweetness, and a little bitterness making this sauce perfect for most dishes.

  2. Light Colour Soy SauceOriginates from the Kansai region of Japan, the sauce uses more salt making the fermentation process of the sauce more gradual. The colour and fragrance of the sauce are lighter in comparison to the normal Soy sauce, but the original flavour is enhanced and the salt and fermentation of the sauce brings out more flavour.

  3. Tamari – This variation of the soy sauce has a very distinctive fragrance, deep Unami, and is thicker than the normal soy sauce. Famously called Sashimi tamari, this sauce is served and consumed usually with sushi and sashimi. When the sauce is heated, a pleasant red tint is released.

  4. Refermented Soy Sauce (Dark colour)– This soy sauce is completely different from the other soy sauces because of the fermentation process of this sauce. This sauce is blended with other soy sauce, which is why it is named refermented soy sauce. This sauce is dense in colour, the flavours are also very dense, and the also the fragrance of this sauce is. It is also called the sweet soy sauce because of these properties and is used to season sushi, sashimi, and tofu.

  5. Extra Light Colour Soy Sauce –Carrying a unique flavour, strong sweetness, and fragrance, this soy sauce is mainly used as an ingredient in making soups. It is also used in making pickles, eggs, and rice crackers.

Best Asian dishes that use Soy sauce

Soy sauce is used as a dip, garnish, and add flavour and colour to the dish. Many dishes use soy sauce, from vegetarian, non-vegetarian and even vegan dishes use soy sauce. Make these dishes at home using ingredients from the best Asian shop in Germany, Spice Village supermarket.

Notable dishes that use Soy sauce are –

  1. Kung Pao Chicken

    Kung Pao Chicken

    This Popular Chinese restaurant dish is highly addictive Stir fried chicken, with the perfect spicy flavour is famous in the Asian continent and is part of Chinese cuisine. The chicken is extremely flavourful and the chicken is tender and soft. Traditionally, specialty ingredients were used to cook the dish, but now the dish has changed and uses widely available ingredients.
  1. Korean Fried Chicken

    Korean Fried Chicken

    The crispy KFC is a famous dish in South Korea, and people often consume it with beer. Soft tender chicken is wrapped in crispy coated buttermilk mixed with a special sauce to make it the perfect dish. 
  1. Hakka Noodles-

    Hakka Noodles

    This Indo-Chinese style dish is famous and most Indians have consumed this dish once in their lives. This dish is tasty, and has a very distinctive flavor and you can find this dish served at the best restaurants and even by street vendors. Noodles are made from wheat flour and then boiled and stir fried in oil, soya sauce, and vegetables.
  1. Tsukune (Japanese grilled chicken meatballs)


    Famous in the yakitori restaurants, these are chicken meatballs traditionally grilled over charcoal. This dish is seasoned with soy sauce and uses eggs and meat to bind the meatballs, making perfectly crispy, soft chicken meatballs filled with flavours.

  2. Wonton Mee or Wonton noodles

    Springy egg noodles, made with dark soy sauce and vegetables, this Malaysian dish is served in the best of restaurants and street vendors. The dish has two versions, a soupy and a dry one. This is a famous breakfast dish, and the noodles are made using egg and flour. Cooked in hot water and then rinsed with cold, the dish uses very thick soy sauce and is topped with slices of char siew. 
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