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Spice Village / International Supermarkt

About Us

Spice Village is an international supermarket located in the heart of Tempelhof district with great connectivity via bus, train and car.
We have foods from all over the world - India, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Africa, South America and many many more!


Rice We have over 40 types of rice including Basmati Rice, Risotto Rice, Jasmine Rice, Pudding Rice, Microwave Rice and various other varieties.


With over 40 different varities of tea we boast a full selection of teas.


We have all types of flours including Ragi, Multigrain, Bajri, Juwar, Cron Flour, Maida


We have Amul, Ayurveda, Khanum which are original taste of real and pure indian ghee.


Spices All spices from TRS, Natco, MDH, Shan, Laziza and many more brands.

Ready to Eat

Many brands are available to make various dishes instantly.

Pickle & Sauces

All Pickles and sauces from Asia, Africa and India.


All Lentils from the best sources