This November Cook Indian Delicacies at Home with Spice Village

This November Cook Indian Delicacies at Home with Spice Village

Spice Village supermarket is one of the best places to purchase authentic Indian and Asian groceries at affordable prices in Germany. Due to various features and deals it has become the most popular online Indian grocery store in Germany. Spice Village supermarket provides people in Europe with traditional, premium quality Indian groceries, brands, ingredients and products at very cheap and pocket friendly prices with deals and discounts that make it even more attractive to the customers. Some of the features, policies and deals that make Spice Village store super special are: 

  1. Free shipping: Spice Village is one of the few online stores that provide free shipping. Most people refrain from shopping for groceries and other items online as companies put a very heavy shipping charge on every purchase. Spice Village store on the other hand provides free shipping all over Germany on every purchase of over € 34.99. 

  2. Variety: Spice Village store takes pride in providing Indian groceries online with free shipping to thode in Germany and various other parts of Europe. But the variety of brands and products available at the online store makes it even more attractive to new customers. The huge range of traditional and loved Indian brands and the variety of ingredients and products, Spice Village sells has helped it become one of the best Indian store in Germany.

  3. Discounts: There are various deals and discounts on Spice Village online Indian store year round but the deals offered during the festive seasons are a catch. Especially during great Indian festivals like Holi and Diwali, Spice Village provides its customers with deals on almost all products and brands. To help Indians living in Germany feel like home and those who embrace the Indian culture, Spice Village provides tons of discounts on various Indian products. 

  4. Same day delivery: One of the best features of Spice Village store is its same day delivery policy applicable on Tuesdays and Fridays in Berlin and Potsdam. Fresh groceries and veggies are delivered all across Berlin and Potsdam on the same day every Tuesday and Friday for those instant needs and unplanned meals. 

  5. Prices: Spice Village can easily be called the cheapest and most affordable stores to buy international groceries like Indian and Asian groceries from. The affordability and reasonable prices are a huge benefit for those who consume Indian food very frequently. Spice Village supermarket has items priced at the minimum rates with added deals and discounts available.  

These are just a few of Spice Village supermarket's features that make it a place for all Indian food lovers. Spice Village has a well segregated website that helps users fulfil all their kitchen needs while sitting at home. This website also contains banners showcasing the hottest products of the week or the month. These banners are filled with festive products and brands during the season of festival and are otherwise the best place to check out the greatest deals and discounts while shopping online in Germany

While Spice Village supermarket has a whole lot of special Indian brands and ingredients which are not easily available elsewhere, the website banners display some of the best ingredients one should purchase from the store. Here are November’s must have brands and products for you to make mouth watering Indian food at home super conveniently, quickly and easily: 

  1. Paneer:


    Make warm Indian delicacies this winter with mouth watering, soft and melt in mouth paneer from Spice Village. You can choose from tons of brands to make the best Indian paneer dishes at home. 

  2. Haldiram:


    The brand haldiram somehow represents India and Indian snacks at its best. Haldiram snacks are a must have throughout the year. These instant serve delicious snacks go hand in hand with beverages like Tea or Indian chai, juices, etc. 

  3. TRS:


    Spice Village store has a variety of authentic Indian flours, spices, spice mixes and herbs from the brand TRS. With purity and authenticity as a promise TRS is one of the best brands available at Spice Village store to make mouth watering Indian meals at home.
  4. Swagat:


    Lentils, wheat flour, other Indian flours, premium rice and alot more of pure Indian ingredients from Swagat brand available at Spice Village supermarket. One of Spice Village’s must have brands is Swagat, well known for its long grain basmati rice. These rice and lentils are perfect for a complete Indian meal anyday. 

  5. Balaji:

    Balaji Wafers

    Namkeens are delicious, tangy Indian snacks loaded with Indian spices and herbs. Balaji namkeen at Spice Village are a must in the pantry of every Indian food lover. Perfect for evening or late night snacking and tea time snacks, Balaji namkeens are for all age groups and taste types. 

  6. Chings:


    A range of products created to help you make the perfect desi Indian chinese dishes at your home with just a few easy steps. Spice Village must purchases include the wide range of Chings products that will load all your meals with tanginess and lip smacking flavours. Chings range available at affordable prices at Spice Village supermarket. 
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