Get to Know Your Indian Spices: Carom Seeds or Ajwain

Get to Know Your Indian Spices: Carom Seeds or Ajwain

India is home to so many tasty and healthy spices. Out of which Carom seeds or ajwain have their different uses and benefits. Every Indian who has faced Indigestion or gastric related issues has come across this spice. A teaspoon of carom seeds with water and goodbye stomach problems. From home remedies to making its space In the Indian cuisine, Carom seeds have secured a rightful place in the Indian household and kitchens. Purchase premium quality Indian herbs, spices and groceries without any struggle by simply shopping online in Germany from Spice Village supermarket. 

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From health benefits to culinary uses, we have curated all the information on carom seeds in this article:-

  • Carom Seeds are the fruit of the herb ajwain. They look a lot like cumin seeds, and are more pungent, and bitter in taste. Mostly, carom seeds are sold as whole seeds, but you can also find a powdered version too. 
  • Carom seeds can be consumed without cooking, and are consumed like this to treat indigestion. It can also help boost metabolism and the carom seed drink is a powerful drink with many health benefits.

Carom seeds are very healthy, and some notable benefits are -

  1. Cholesterol – carom seeds help in improving cholesterol, and it lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol. 

  2. Rich in Antioxidants – Carom seeds are extremely rich in antioxidants

  3. Helps in Bacterial and Fungi Attack – These seeds have very high antibacterial and antifungal properties. Contains two active compounds thymol and carvacrol, which have shown to reduce or inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi.

  4. Blood Pressure – Hypertension increases your risk of heart attack, traditionally carom seeds were used to reduce the blood pressure and it contains thymol, which has a calcium – channel blocking effect, which helps relax and expand blood vessels, which in turn lowers the blood pressure.

  5. Indigestion – Traditionally, Carom seeds were always used to help in indigestion. And it always worked. Carom seeds have been shown to accelerate the process of food passage, which in turn helps treat indigestion.

  6. Helps Treat Peptic Ulcers – Peptic ulcers are the sores of the stomach, esophagus, and small intestine. Carom seeds have shown to be effective against ulcers, and the result can even be comparable to common medicine.

  7. May Improve Airflow to lungs – In a study among people with asthma, after consuming carom seeds, the airflow to their lungs improved after 30 – 180 minutes. 

Spice Village has a huge variety of Indian and Asian spices and herbs. All one needs to do is search for an Indian grocery store near me when in Berlin, Germany and they will be directed to the online website of Spice Village store. As there are many ways to consume a spice, Carom seeds are also used In the Indian kitchen due to their bitter taste. In Addition to preparing many different dishes, carom seeds are loved in all the countries. Some popular dishes and uses of carom seeds are:-

  1. Added in Batter – Carom seed is a very popular ingredient, especially when it comes to adding it to batters and dough, as various street food or Indian fast foods have carom seeds in them. Dishes like Samosa, Fafda, bhajiyas, and paneer pakodas have carom seeds in them. Carom seeds' distinctive flavour adds to the taste of these fried foods.

  2. Carom seed drink – As carom seeds can improve metabolism, it is used in a drink that aids in weight loss. 2 Tablespoons are added to 500 ml of water, then boiled to obtain carom seed water or drink.     

Some popular dishes that use carom seeds are – 

  1. Tandoori Paneer Tikka: 

    Tandoori Paneer Tikka

    A great party starter, tandoori paneer tikka uses carom seeds in the marinating process.

  2. Chatpata Paneer Pakoda:

    Chatpata Paneer Pakoda

    The chatpata paneer snack will tickle your taste buds pink! Made in a tangy masala, chatpata paneer pakoda used carom seeds in the masala mix.

  3. Punjabi Veg Samosa:
    Punjabi Veg Samosa

    , a staple Indian breakfast fast food uses ajwain in the batter when making the outer cover of the samosa.

  4. Ajwain parantha: 

    Ajwain parantha

    Carom seeds is added in the batter when making the parantha.
  5. Gatte ki Sabzi: 

    Gatte ki Sabzi

    This Gram flour dumpling, flavoured with many dry spices, including carom seeds, is steamed and then dunked into yogurt based curry.

  6. Arbi ka Saag:

    Arbi ka Saag

    A true Rajasthani dish, this is prepared with tasty and aromatic Mixtures of spices, along which Carom seeds are added. 

  7. Gatte ka Parantha: 

    Gatte ka Parantha

    Bengal gram is a common ingredient in Rajasthani cooking as it is a common crop for the dry terrain. This stuffed batter uses carom seeds in the batter process. The result is tasty and healthy Stuffed parantha.

  8. Missi Roti: 

    Missi Roti

    Missi roti is the staple side dish in both Rajasthani and Punjabi cuisine. Carom seeds are added In the batter making process. Missi roti is tasty, very healthy, and extremely filling.

  9. Paneer chana Seekh Kabab: 

    Paneer chana Seekh Kabab

    A very delicately made dish that has grated paneer (cottage cheese and Chana dal (chickpeas). Carom seeds are added to the Spice mixture, and the flavour and bitter taste of carom seeds make this dish amazing.
Carom seeds have a special place, like any other spice in Indian households. From our grandmother's home remedies to tasty foods that always leave you wanting more, Carom seeds is one of the best options of spice to have in your Kitchen.
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