Know You Must Have Indian Spices: Cloves or Laung

Know You Must Have Indian Spices: Cloves or Laung

Indian spices bring life to the dishes and there is no fighting that. The main reason why people abroad used to be so scared of Indian meals were these spices which have grown on them now. Once you try Indian spices there is truly no going back from it. The flavours and aroma imparted by Indian spices in various dishes is irresistible and this has made them one of the most wanted and high in demand

Indian products abroad. Places like Spice Village supermarket, an Indian store in Berlin, make it possible for people all around the globe to get authentic Indian ingredients, groceries and spices at their home through online shopping. Indian spices help fight internal abnormalities, diseases, prevent inflammation, detoxify and a lot more, along with giving delicious taste and in captivating aroma to the dishes. 

In this article we will talk about one of the most nutritious spices that is also loaded with health benefits, cloves or laung. From common cold and cough to reducing risk of certain cancers, cloves have a way of making things better for your body. Purchase some of the best Indian ingredients and spices, from authentic brands from Spice Village supermarket, an Indian shop in Berlin. Spice Village is an online store providing people in Germany with premium quality, Indian and Asian goods, products, groceries and other essentials at pocket friendly prices with free shipping. There is a wide range of products available at Spice Village which can all be bought very easily while sitting at home. There are also various deals and discounts offered by Spice Village especially during the festive season. 

Here are some facts about cloves you must know

  1. Derived from the tropical clove tree, cloves are actually unopened, sun dried flower buds
  2. Cloves have a hot yet fruity flavour to them with a strong warm aroma
  3. They are used by the Hindu community of India for certain poojas and religious rituals
  4. With a little use only cloves can do wonders to the taste of both, savoury and sweet, dishes
  5. Whole cloves can be saved for almost an year if kept packed in an airtight container
  6. Clove tree is an evergreen tree

Health benefits of cloves which would want you to purchase them and add them to your diet:               

  1. Cloves are loaded with essential nutrients like manganese, vitamin K and fibre
  2. Nutrients in clove help maintain brain function and strengthen bones 
  3. Like various other Indian spices, cloves are also very rich in antioxidants
  4. They help improve overall health and build a strong immunity
  5. They help reduce the chances of chronic diseases 
  6. Cloves may help prevent the growth of cancerous cells in certain body parts
  7. Eugenol, the essential oil in cloves, has proven to have anti cancer properties 
  8. It helps kill bacteria and prevent the growth of other microorganisms in the body
  9. It can help promote oral hygiene and health
  10. Cloves have a beneficial effect on the liver, they may help improve liver health
  11. Cloves in adequate amounts help regulate blood glucose or blood sugar levels
  12. They help and promote the process of insulin production in the body 
  13. Nutrients in cloves improve bone health and strengthen them 
  14. Clove extract can help reduce stomach ulcers 

As stated above cloves are one of the best, most nutritious Indian spices which is a must have in all households. Check Spice Village supermarket to buy Indian food online, which is of premium quality and authentic brands only. 

Here are some ways in which you can incorporate cloves in your diet easily

  1. Cloves in tea: Cloves can be very easily added to your diet by adding them to your tea. Tea lovers trying to incorporate clove in their diet can also try clove tea made using clove, tea leaves, cinnamon, and grated ginger to water.
  2. Digestive mix: There are various digestive mixes in the market which contain cloves in them. These digestive mixes mainly solve gastric and digestive issues but can also be very beneficial medically. 

  3. Clove water: A very easy, quick and simple way to consume cloves is by making clove water. One can also add other healthy Indian herbs and spices to this water like cinnamon, etc for nutrients and flavour. 

  4. Cloves in dishes: There are numerous Indian cuisine dishes which include cloves in the recipe. One of the easiest ways is to add cloves to your rice and enjoy the clove rice. Other than that, clove is also used in the making of gravy dishes like chole, etc. 

  5. Raw: The simplest way to consume cloves is eating them raw. Since cloves have a very pungent and strong raw taste they are usually consumed dipped in honey. This is one of the best ways to build immunity. 
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