FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the shipping policy (location, time and charges)?

The detailed shipping policy can be found here :https://www.spicevillage.eu/pages/shippingpolicy

Can you please ask DHL to redeliver the package? I was at home all day and can not pick up such a heavy package?

You can request DHL to attempy a second delivery using the link below:https://www.dhl.de/de/privatkunden/hilfe-kundenservice/beauftragung-zweitzustellung.html

One of the item in my order is missing / damaged. What do I do?

Please send an email tosupport@spicevillage.euwith the order number, photo of the damaged item or name of the missed item(s).

What is your policy for fruits and vegetables? Will they stay fresh?

We dispatch fruits and vegetables only on Mondays and Tuesdays. If the vegetables are not in great condition please send us an email onsupport@spicevillage.eu

Orders, Shipping & Delivery Problems

What is the minimum quantity for delivery?

There is no minimum quantity for delivery. Free shipping is available based on the order size and location. The shipping policy can found here –https://www.spicevillage.eu/pages/shippingpolicy

Where can Spice-Village deliver?

Updated delivery prices and locations can be found below: –https://www.spicevillage.eu/pages/shippingpolicy

When is the Order Dispatched?

Orders submitted before 12.00pm on working days are generally dispatched on the same day. Some maybe shipped the next day depending on factors not in our control. Fresh vegetables may follow a different schedule.

Delivery tracking is available in respect of all orders for our products. We use DHL and Hermes for all deliveries within Germany and they usually deliver within 2-3 working days (without guarantee, not including date of dispatch).

We use UPS or DHL for all deliveries outside Germany and they usually deliver within 8 to 10 working days (without guarantee, not including date of dispatch)

What are the shipping charges for my location?

All updated delivery prices and locations can be found below:https://www.spicevillage.eu/pages/shippingpolicy

Is there an option for self pickup?

Yes, you can choose to pick up your order by yourself from Monday – Saturday 09:30 – 20:00. However, your order will be ready only after 1 working day of placing the order.

Please email us the order number or send us your order via. Email to support@spicevillage.eu

The pickup address is following:
Spice village
Tempelhofer Damm 206,
12099 Berlin, Germany

How can I track my order?

Immediately after your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with invoice and an online tracking number. Which you can use to track or reschedule your parcel. You can find the actual status of your parcel in your My Account section.

What can I do if I miss the delivery?

Solution valid only for Germany:

You can either pick up the parcel from the drop off point or request DHL to attempy a second delivery.


Even though I was at home DHL delivered to a packet shop / packstation. Can they redeliver to me?

You can request DHL to attempt a second delivery using the below link:https://www.dhl.de/de/privatkunden/hilfe-kundenservice/beauftragung-zweitzustellung.html


Which Payment methods do you accept?

There are six payment options – VISA. Mastercard, Maestro, Sofort, iDeal, Paypal and Paydirekt.

Our Credit card gateway also accepts non-German credit cards (ones with 3D security feature).

What about cash on delivery payment method?

We do not have the Cash on delivery as a payment option at the moment.

Do I need to have account on PayPal to make the payment?

No, there is no need to have a separate PayPal account for using credit card via PayPal gateway. However, if you already have a PayPal account, you can use your PayPal login instead of creating a separate login on our site. In either of the cases, you remain on a secured server (SSL) connection and therefore your personal information remains encrypted and secured.

Can I use my Indian or non-German/non-European Credit card on your website for making payment?

Yes, It is possible to use your Indian or non-German credit card (3D enabled) on our website. For more information, please visit our Ordering and Payment section.

How do you deliver frozen items?

Currently we do not deliver frozen items.

Do you have a physical shop where i can visit and see the products before buying?

Yes, we have . We have a 280 sq. mt. shop in Berlin which is open from Monday to Saturday 09:00 – 20:00. Spice Village Tempelhofer Damm 206,12099 Berlin.

What if I make a mistake and need to add or delete something?

Yes. It is possible to add or remove items until we start processing your order.

For adding items into your existing order, please raise another order and mention your existing order number in the comments at the checkout page.

Also if you raise ; select Additions to Existing Order as the shipping method on the checkout page (see the image below), which will make the shipping charges in your additional order zero. Please mention the existing order number in the comments section.

Can I place an order on phone?

No, it is not possible to place the order on phone. You can only place an order via our website. However, if you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email (24x7) or call on the phone number (during working time).

I ordered before the 12 noon cut off time but have not seen the shipping notification yet. Why has it not shipped yet?

Please note that depending upon the workload on that day and other factors not in our control, your order may be dispatched on the next working day, despite it was submitted before 12.00pm. We do our best to ensure same day shipping but cannot always guarantee it.

Can I have a separate billing and shipping address?

That is possible. Do ensure that you provide the delivery address in the correct format to avoid any postal delays.

Do I get a VAT invoice?

Yes. An order confirmation email and attached VAT invoice which can be used for tax purposes is emailed to you as soon as the payment is processed.

After I had failed payment my shopping cart shows nothing in it. What do i do?

After an unsuccessful payment attempt, your will show up as pending in our system You can attempt to pay again by going to your My Account area and clicking on Reorder option next to your previous pending order.

I have some concerns regarding my data and personal information, what are your policies?

Security of our customers’ details is of paramount interest tor us. We do not sell or share any information related to customers to third parties. We do use your information to send you relevant information and show you online advertisements related to Spice-Village services and products. Please refer to Privacy and Security section for more information.

What is this new 3D secure payment system and how does it help?

3D security means that you would need to input a personal code apart from your credit card details which is unique to you and therefore, it is very unlikely that someone can make an unauthorized transaction from your credit card.

If your credit card does not have 3D secure code, it is likely that the payment gateway shall refuse your payment.

What is store-credit and how do I use it?

Store Credit is like your own personal Ewallet with us, which we issue to you as a mode of refund or compensation. You can use this credit during checkout, this amount shall be deducted from subtotal after VAT, surcharges and shipping. See this link about How to use Store Credit.

You can also send your store credit amount to your friend who has Spice village account. Also, you can buy store credit as gift and send it to your friends.

I have some store credit balance on Spice Village. I would like that to be paid to my bank account. What do I need to do?

If you would like to have your store-credit refunded to your bank account, please provide us the bank account number, bank name and holder's name. We cannot send payment to non-SEPA accounts.

Why can't I see my order in my Spice Village Dashboard?

When you do not log in and are in the automatically assigned guest mode, the system would not connect that order with the Spice village account. That’s the reason you are not able to see that in the order history.

Alternately, you can also track your order at the link below: https://www.Spicevillage.de/sales/guest/form/ (as a sample)

Exchange and Return

Can I return item(s), I ordered?

Except perishable items (fresh veggies, Paneer, frozen food items) all items if unopened and in their original packaging can be returned within 7 days. For more information about returning, please refer to our Return Section

What is the return procedure?

If you would like to return items, please inform us by email, ASAP. Please send the items in the original packing, unopened within seven days after the order is delivered. For detailed information, please look into the Return section on the Return Page.