Asian Brands That Are a Must Have in Every Household

Asian Brands That Are a Must Have in Every Household

Asian cuisine is a very unique and old cuisine with tons of recipes and dishes for one to try. The spread of love for Asian cuisine over the recent years, across the globe is unrealistic and tremendous. People from various parts of the word have not only tried the Asian cuisine dishes but use Asian supermarkets everywhere to purchase authentic Asian groceries and ingredients and make Asian meals at their home. These dishes are perfect for everyday meals as well as special occasions and party feasts. Asian cuisine dishes and snacks are perfect for you to have in your kitchen if you have frequent unannounced guests and visitors. Asian ingredients are not only healthy and delicious they are now also very easily available through online grocery shopping websites and applications. 

Spice Village supermarket is an online Asian grocery store based in Berlin, Germany providing premium quality Indian and Asian goods, ingredients, fresh groceries and much more at very reasonable and affordable rates with deals and discounts on almost each purchase. Another reason to purchase groceries from Spice Village is the huge variety available, for one to choose from. Spice Village provides free shipping and same day delivery in Berlin and since it is an online store one can conveniently order their groceries at any time of the day from any place they want to and have it delivered to their doorstep. Spice Village is a trusted, well reputed and one of the biggest online Asian shops in Germany

Having a stock of delicacies, snacks, instant mixes, boxed meals and good ingredients in the pantry is very important, especially since the covid-19 pandemic. To be loaded up on food supplies, is not only preparation for an emergency, it is the basic readiness to entertain unexpected guests and welcome demands and food cravings of your family members and yourself throughout the day. Having Asian meals in the pantry makes it easier to spice things up on any occasion, meal wise.  Asian meals tackle every craving and every taste bud which is one of the biggest reasons as to why it has become one of the most popular cuisines in the world. 

There are numerous recipes and dishes in the Asian cuisine but also there are tons of brands and products that can be consumed instantly. These authentic Asian brands keep in mind the health and hygiene code and are top sellers in the Asian continent. Since most people are unaware of which are the best brands from the Asian continent, here are some of the most popular and loved Asian snacks and ingredients brands one should have in their kitchen. All these authentic Asian brands are available at Spice Village online store for delivery in Germany and various other parts of Europe. 

  1. PRB:

    Pearl River bridge

    Pearl River bridge is a very famous and one of the leading exporters in China. They produce various Asian sauces, pastes, and other ingredients that can be used on a regular basis to make mouth watering Asian delicacies. Some of the popular PRB products available at Spice Village, the biggest Asian supermarket in Berlin, are PRB vinegar, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, sweet and sour sauce, mushroom sauce, oyster sauce and gluten free soy sauce. 

  2. LKK:

    Lee Kum Kee

    This Hong Kong based company is also a very famous supplier of premium quality Asian sauces and pastes all around the globe. Spice Village has a variety of authentic LKK products namely, LKK premium soy sauce, hoisin sauce, sesame oil, sweet and sour sauce, chicken marinade, oyster sauce, chilli sauce, char siu sauce, chilli oil, black bean sauce and many more.
  1. Indomie:


    A brand from Indonesia that has revolutionised the way noodles are made and consumed. Spice Village brings to you a huge range of authentic Indomie instant noodles. With a variety of flavours to choose from some of the popular products from Indomie include,  chicken instant noodles, onion chicken instant noodles, beef and lime flavoured noodles, Mi goreng instant noodles, instant noodle soup, stir fry noodles, instant vegetable noodles and shrimp flavoured noodles. 

  2. Royal Thai:

    Royal Thai

    Make authentic Thai cuisine dishes at home in Germany using products from the Royal Thai brand range available at Spice Village supermarket. Royal thai products are all organically sourced and thus very healthy and perfect for making the best Thai dishes. Some of these products include Royal Thai sweet chilli sauce, jasmine rice, sushi rice, fragrant rice, glutinous rice, broken rice, coconut milk, sriracha chilli and chilli sauce. 
Grab the best products from these Asian brands and many more from Spice Village supermarket’s website and enjoy making a traditional Asian meal at home. Spice Village is a trust worthy online Asian and Indian grocery store for all your kitchen needs in Germany and other European countries also providing free shipping.
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