Online Grocery Shopping is a Great Idea for Indians in Germany

Online Grocery Shopping is a Great Idea for Indians in Germany

Coming from a country where the local ‘Kirana stores’ have had a strong foothold since forever, Indians are used to going to the market every week for vegetable and grocery shopping. But the covid19 pandemic and lockdowns changed the entire shopping scenario back home and across the globe. Europe is no stranger to this and slowly online shopping in Germany and other countries has become the new norm.

Reasons why online grocery shopping is a great idea:

  • Safety first

No country in the world has been spared by the coronavirus and the fear of the spread has encouraged people to manage things from home whenever possible. ‘Work from home’ wave inspired ‘shopping from home’! With the second wave of the pandemic currently in progress, online grocery shopping makes a lot more sense and brings a lot more safety to the table.

  • Shop Anytime

Weekends are no longer grocery days or laundry days only! Online shopping offers the ease to keep building your cart all through the week and order whenever you’re ready. You no longer need to run to the store before it closes.

Supermarkets like Spice Village based in Berlin, Germany have a wide range of fresh vegetables, fruits, frozen goods and Indian, Asian & African grocery available for shopping online. Once order is placed, you can sit back, relax and your items will be delivered at your doorstep. Such big supermarkets offer home delivery in all major countries nearby. So even if you are not in the same city as the supermarket, you can easily avail their service and stock up your pantry.

  • Take it Easy

Home deliveries and online payment options have greatly reduced the spread of covid19. It is an indirect way of social distancing. Simple and hassle-free online shopping experience on a supermarket website saves time and energy.

  • Spoilt for Choice

One biggest advantage of shopping online is being able to choose between variety of brands and price comparison for any product one wants to buy. Imagine the whole isle of a supermarket is on a single webpage. This convenience is a luxury.

  • Great for your wallet

Have you ever noticed how tempted you get to buy stuff you don’t need, when you are at the store? It gets almost impossible to ignore all those items in display that you wish to avoid spending on. On the other hand, buying your grocery online really helps you focus on what you need.

You can also keep a track of the expenses in the cart and keep it within your budget. Risk of over-spending and spending on what you can avoid is greatly reduced. Parents can also skip the lectures to children who want them to buy all those foods that the dentist asked to stay away from!

  • Offers, discounts & better prices

In the efforts to encourage online shopping and cashless payments, most stores and supermarkets are offering discounts and offers these days. Benefits like free shipping over a certain order amount, discounts over individual products, discount over total amounts, festive offers of free items like diyas/sweets and corporate offers are some examples of attractive reasons why online shopping is worth preferring.

Shopping online does have its draw backs. lt takes away your social experience and does not give you the satisfaction of immediate receival of product. But these weaknesses are easily surpassed by the array of conveniences and advantages it offers. Given that life is getting busier by the day and safety concerns take priority, online retail is here to stay!

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