Visiting Thailand? Here Is All You Need to Know About the Thai Cuisine

Visiting Thailand? Here Is All You Need to Know About the Thai Cuisine

Thailand, A place known for tourism, its monuments, historical places, vivid sky, and beautiful landscapes is a must-go for travel enthusiasts.

But there is something more to this beautiful country and that is its cuisine or Thai food which is also very famous around the globe. The Thai food is prepared with keeping an emphasis on strong aromatic components, with a spicy edge to it. The food is extremely light, delicious, spicy, and healthy.

According to many proclaimed Thai chefs, the food is prepared with attention to every detail, beautiful texture, colour, with the usage of herbs and ingredients that have many medicinal benefits and great flavour and taste.

Here are a few categories of Thai cuisine:

Traditionally, the cuisine falls into 4 different categories: -

  1. TOM - boiled dishes
  2. YAM – Salads prepared with spices
  3. TAM – Foods that are pounded before preparations
  4. GAENG – Stir, deep fry, and many steam dishes that have their derivations from Chinese cooking.

Thai food is considered to be one of the best and tastiest among the masses.

In the year 2017, according to an online poll conducted by CNN travel, with over 35,000 submissions, Thai dishes were the most on the list.


With the Thai dishes' popularity, every region has made their variations of the food and is just as tasty.

  1. Bangkok – The cuisine of Bangkok is influenced by Portuguese and Teachew. The capital of Thailand is also influenced and has its derivatives from royal cuisines. The texture, look, and taste have been changing over the years and have been influenced by other Asian, European, and western cuisines.

  2. Southern Thai - The complex curries, techniques used in food preparation, usage of different chilies, and their medicinal spices put a great influence on the whole Thai cuisine.

  3. Northern Thai – The cuisines of this place are affected because of the cold valleys and deep and vast forests of the Thai mountains. The place was once ruled by the Lanna Kingdom, so due to that the cuisines of northern Thai are influenced and in turn share a lot of ingredients with Isa.

  4. Central Thai – The cuisines of this beautiful flat and wet plains, suitable for growing rice, part of the former Thai kingdoms of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya and the Davaravati culture of the mon people before the arrival of the Siamese people in the area. Coconut milk is used in nearly preparing all the cuisines in central Thai.

  5. North-Eastern Thai or Isan – The cuisine of this region is similar to the culture of Laos and is influenced by Khmer cuisine

Royal Cuisine

The royal cuisines have their history from the Ayutthaya kingdom’s (1351-1767 CE) cosmopolitan palace cuisine.  The refinement of the food and the cooking techniques and the specific use of ingredients were of great influence to the central Thai cuisine.


Most Herbs used in Thai dishes

If you notice the recipes of the Thai dishes, every Thai recipe has to make a paste. The spices and paste will add flavour and aroma, with added nutrients. To get authentic Thai spices to visit Spice Village Supermarket, a Thai shop that delivers all across Europe. Whole spices and dried are usually pounded together. You can use a food processor, but Thai chefs prefer the pestle and mortar technique.


  1. Ginger – Mostly served shredded or diced with dishes, this herb is a must for Thai cuisine and adds many health benefits, plus helps bring about a unique flavour.

  2. Holy Basil – Holy basil has a very distinctive scent and is one of the most used ingredients in the preparation of tasty dishes.

  3. Garlic – It is mainly used when it is cooked or fried, but nowadays garlic is used in making many dips and while making salad dressings. And is also served raw with several Thai dishes.

  4. Cilantro leaves – The leaves are used to garnish most Thai dishes. And is also used in making of the Tom Yam soup.


Most used Thai food spices that one can get from Spice Village Supermarket that is a Thai shop online :


  1. Red and green Chilli – Make your bland food taste fantastic by adding a spicy kick to your food and a Thai sauce. The chili can be in powder or whole.

  2. Turmeric – One of the most flavourful and aromatic ingredients of Thai dishes, turmeric can be added to your foods in powder and whole form. Most signature Thai dishes contain turmeric and thus making it a must-have ingredient.

  3. Cumin – This ingredient is found mainly in Thai sauces. Cumin has many health benefits because of antioxidants in it, its intense flavour always enhances the Thai dishes and is a must-have for Thai curries. Cumin is paired with other spices like nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon.

  4. Cinnamon – Ob Chuey, the cultural name of cinnamon in Thailand, is mainly used for garnishing and brings out the complex flavours to both sweet and savory dishes.

  5. Pepper – Known as the king of spices for enhancing the flavours, both black and green peppers are heavily used in the preparation of Thai dishes and also, the peppers can add a special touch to any type of food.
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