A Guide to Making Indian Food at Home in Germany

A Guide to Making Indian Food at Home in Germany

Germany as a country has provided a life, shelter and job opportunities to people from all across the globe. Students from every part of the world go to Germany for their education and make a great living there. Like people from other countries have adopted German culture and food, so has Germany. One can see various Indian restaurants, and grocery stores in the country along with the celebration of some of the most important and popular Indian festivals. Along with the growing inhabitants from other countries there is also a gradual rise in the concept of online shopping in Germany. The ease, and convenience of online shopping with the variety available on online stores have influenced people everywhere to purchase their groceries and ingredients from online stores like Spice Village rather than visiting any offline store or local market. 

There are various Indian origin residents in Germany, who have been living there for a while now and are a part of the clan. People around them try to make them feel at home by celebrating their festivals, embracing their culture and respecting their history. Indian culture and cuisine are also highly appreciated in countries abroad. People have now started accepting the Indian ingredients and many of them use these ingredients in their everyday cooking. Making Indian food is now more common than it used to be before since the various myths and taboos have been lifted. People don’t only consume Indian dishes at hotels and restaurants, they have also started making Indian meals at home. For those living in Germany and other European countries, the easiest way to get Indian groceries at home is through Spice Village supermarket in Berlin. 

Spice Village is the perfect place to get Indian groceries online with free shipping in Germany and nearby over every order of € 34.99. Spice Village has a huge variety of Indian and Asian goods, ingredients, brands, products and all kitchen essentials. These products are available at very affordable and reasonable prices and are loaded with offers and discounts at all times. Spice Village is a one-stop shop that carries all kitchen essentials, spice and herbs, premium quality ingredients, famous and hygienic brand products, and groceries from the Indian sub-continent and the continent of Asia. These ingredients put together will help you make the perfect Indian feast at home. 

Most people living abroad aren't familiar with the basics of having an Indian themed fiesta. For those living in Germany, Spice Village will help you come a step closer by providing all your groceries and essentials easily through a click on the website. Here is a step by step guide for you to make the some of the most famous Indian cuisine dishes at home after purchase ingredients from Spice Village: 

  1. Look for a store: Look for the best in your locality by searching for an Indian grocery store near me. When in Germany, Spice Village is the place for you. Online stores are preferred and especially those which can be trusted, with deals discounts along with a variety of ingredients and brands to choose from. Online Indian Grocery stores can be on the internet and one can directly order from their website or app. Make sure that there are a variety of brands available so you are not stuck with one. Also look for stores that have almost everything you need available so you don't have to place orders anywhere else. 

  2. Check for utensils: Indian cuisine demands Indian utensils for cooking like rolling pin, kadai, tawa, pressure cooker, etc. Most of these utensils are not available at any house abroad but a kitchen influenced by Indian cuisine would definitely have most of these. So the next step in Indian making food at home is finding and locating the utensils at your place and if any of the essentials are missing, order them online from Spice Village supermarket's website in Germany. 

  3. Select dishes and recipes: The recipe followed while making an Indian meal is of utmost importance and relevance. People trying to make Indian food for the first time need to have a guide or an instruction book to follow step by step. After carefully selecting the dishes, look for Indian recipes online or in a cookbook. You can also get some of the popular Indian delicacies’ recipes on Spice Village online stores website. 

  4. List of ingredients: Make a list of your ingredients. These ingredients include the pulses, spices, herbs, flour, sides and any other raw material you will need while making the Indian dishes you have in mind. Most of the ingredients are repeated in the dishes especially the spices and herbs but others have to be purchased according to the recipe. Order your ingredients and fresh groceries accordingly.

  5. Take out enough time: Take out a substantial amount of time to cook a hefty Indian meal. Enjoy the process of cooking the dishes and serving this meal. Indian food is cooked on the heat and thus can take more time to prepare and cook than any other cuisine. 
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