The Growth and Future of Online Asian Supermarkets

The Growth and Future of Online Asian Supermarkets

The wide spread of Asian cuisine lovers, has led to the opening of various Asian grocery stores and restaurants all over the world. People abroad have now greatly accepted the cuisine and its various dishes. Not only do the Asian cuisine based restaurants witness a great footfall but so do the asian supermarkets and grocery stores. This trend is proof of how people are not only having Asian food at the restaurants but are also making them at home. Online grocery stores and supermarkets have taken over the markets abroad with their variety, affordable rates and multi cuisine based ingredients. Online supermarkets also provide convenience and hefty discounts on most purchases like Spice Village supermarket, an Asian supermarket in Germany.

Online grocery stores and Asian supermarkets were not a part of the main market earlier. Especially before the covid-19 pandemic, people consumed Asian dishes only when they were in Asia or at a multi cuisine restaurant. Asian meals were cooked only in Asian house hold abroad and getting the groceries was a tiresome task. Those living abroad were unaware of the flavours and variety of Asian food. Asian groceries earlier were way costlier and extremely difficult to purchase. Those belonging to the Asian heritage and living abroad would either pay heavy taxes and get Asian groceries and ingredients imported or load themselves up whenever they visited their homeland. The section of Asian groceries at a general supermarket was very small and had only limited options, which were also priced very high.

Post covid-19 pandemic the concept of online grocery shopping and online purchasing came into place. People everywhere were then entirely dependent on online grocery stores to avoid contamination and contact with people outside. This gave a boost to various cuisines and dishes especially the Asian cuisine. This time period saw a rise in the number of Asian restaurants and grocery stores dedicated to Asian cuisine and Asian ingredients only. These stores would provide doorstep delivery and online purchasing which made life a lot more convenient. One could then order their groceries at pocket friendly prices from online Asian shops in Germany like Spice Village supermarket and get great deals and discounts on a huge variety of brands and products.

Trusted online brands and stores have now taken over the markets everywhere in the world. Very few customers visit a physical, offline local store to get their groceries and why would they if the customers can get the same thing at a better price range and without spending fuel or standing in long queues. Spice Village is one such store which has taken over the Asian market in Berlin. People from various parts of Germany as well as other European countries can now order their favourite Asian grocery item, ingredient, etc from Spice Village’s user friendly and well segregated website and receive their groceries at their doorstep. Spice Village has a huge variety of brands, groceries, ingredients and products, all priced at a very reasonable price. The website also offers great deals like free shipping, deals of the month and festive discounts which attracts more and more customers. 

To become a trusted, online presence a grocery store has to go through a lot of trouble. The era of the internet not only gave birth to a super convenient and pocket friendly lifestyle, it also birthed the concept of online fraud and cheating. Various brands have suffered because customers fell into the traps of fraudsters online with either similar branding or belonging to the same category. This has forced genuine brands and stores like Spice Village to take various steps to gain the trust of their customers. Customer reviews on google, customer comments on each product on the website, customer service provider, return and exchange policies, a good and active social media platform, etc are just some of the many steps taken by online brands all around the world. 

In the near future, like today, the issue of frauds and cheats amongst the various fields will prevail but with enhancement in technology and the use of various online tools, genuine companies and stores like Spice Village will be able to catch the customers’ eyes. When one purchases from online stores they contribute to the prevention of the environment. One vehicle delivering groceries and ingredients to multiple households not only saves fuel and other non-renewable energies but also ensures that there are fewer cars on the road and thus lesser pollution overall. Eventually the technology will be advanced enough for drone or robotic deliveries of groceries from online grocery stores which would in turn be more beneficial to the environment. 

Spice Village offers a variety of premium quality, authentic groceries and ingredients from Asia and India, tons of discounts on already pocket friendly prices, free shipping in Germany and other European countries along with same day delivery of fresh products on Tuesday and Friday only in Berlin.
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