Easiest Way to Get Indian Festive Goods in Germany Online

Easiest Way to Get Indian Festive Goods in Germany Online

The Indian festive season is a very well cherished and celebrated time. Since India is a land of culture, and religions there are various festivals celebrated in the country. People of different origin celebrate different festivals in India so in a way the festive season there is forever ongoing. All Indian festivals have a backstory. They are the celebration of the all mighty victory over evil. There are some basic rituals followed by various communities while celebrating these festivals like pooja or fasting. The other thing very important during these seasons is the specially cooked meals. The festive meals in India are extravagant and very delicious. Most of these dishes are served exclusively during the festival days only.

When you move abroad away from home, these little festivals, the rituals and the food are what one misses the most. To help people enjoy these festivals to the fullest, multinational grocery stores like Spice Village supermarket in Germany provide various Indian kitchen essentials, home essentials, products, brands and ingredients used in the festive rituals and for making the dishes during these festivals. With stores like Spice Village, a person can experience the essence of these Indian festivals in Germany too. Many people abroad also enjoy celebrating Indian festivals, either because they are influenced by the culture, or because of their friends or just to simply embrace the religious beliefs of the people of the country.

Spice Village is the perfect place online shopping in Germany while looking for Indian and Asian goods. From Indian and Asian groceries to brands authentic to these places, Spice Village has a wide range of products for the people residing in Europe. Spice Village is an online store, so there is no hassle of physically visiting the shop and one can very conveniently order their required items including home decor, pooja goods, food items, groceries, etc from the comfort of their house. Spice Village offers great deals and discounts on almost every purchase, especially during the festive seasons, along with a huge variety and benefits like pocket friendly prices, same day delivery of fresh groceries in Berlin and free shipping in Germany and various other parts of Europe.

Finding Indian home essentials, kitchen essentials and groceries is a tough task abroad. Due to heavy charges and taxes levied on these products it becomes very difficult for people to celebrate the festivals or even make the basic Indian dishes at home without being ripped off. To help people with this issue stores like Spice Village provide Indian home and kitchen essentials, fresh groceries, Indian brands, products and other necessary ingredients at pocket friendly prices. Along with the reduced and reasonable prices, Spice Village also offers tons of combo offers, discounts, deals and subscription options for consistent customers. Spice Village has a variety of Indian home and kitchen essentials for one to choose from and in this article we will learn about a few products to pick from Spice Village to celebrate the Indian festive seasons in Germany. 

Some must have home and kitchen essentials to get from Spice Village. To find Spice Village store in Germany simply search for Indian grocery store near me when in Berlin: 

  1. Clay Diya:

    Clay Diya

    The perfect way to lighten up your place is by using diyas. They are also a symbol of light and peace and are used in every Hindu household. Hindus burn diyas regularly as a prayer to the deities. Diyas are also used abundantly during Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. Spice Village has a wide range of designer, plain, and colourful diyas for one to choose from at an affordable price. 

  2. Incense sticks:

    Incense sticks

    While Indians use incense sticks in the mandir or as a symbol of prayer various others use incense sticks simply for the smell. Available in various different fragrances, incense sticks give a very pleasant aromatic touch to a household. They are also very useful in repelling negative energy and bugs from the house.
  3. Powders:


    Kumkum or roli, and chandan are the two most commonly used powders by Hindus. They are religious accessories put on the forehead during prayers. People also put roli and chandan on figurines of deities. Spice Village offer premium quality, authentic brands of chandan and roli for regular use.
  4. Deity statues:

    Deity statues

    A symbol of peace and prosperity among the Indian Hindus are the statues of the deities. Hindus pray to the figurines of deities everyday and these statues are bought new during the festive season. Premium quality brass statues of Hindu deities are available for online purchase in Germany at Spice Village online supermarket.
  5. Pooja thalis:

    Pooja thalis

    A specially made designer plate decorated with premium quality decorations is perfect for every festival. These plates are used to put small pooja items like roli, kundan, rice grains for tikka, sweets, diyas and many more. Purchase festive and home decor items like such in Germany from Spice Village online store. 
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