Embrace the Summer Season with Indian Mangoes and Delicious Dishes

Embrace the Summer Season with Indian Mangoes and Delicious Dishes

The summer season in India is the most awaited season because of the mangoes. From Gujarat to Lucknow, the streets of India, especially during the summer season also known as the mango season is loaded with vendors selling different types of mangoes. People consume varieties of mangoes and also enjoy tons of mango dishes and beverages. Mango sweets are also very popular in India. Every household and every shop is loaded with either mangoes or mango made meals and dishes during this season. This is why in India, mango is called the King of fruits. A huge variety of mangoes are available in India as soon as the summer season begins. 

From raw mangoes to super squishy ones, all mangoes are used in the Indian cuisine. Mango dishes are mostly sweet yet very delicious to have. Mango milkshake or smoothie is one of the most refreshing drinks to have during a summer day. What one misses the most abroad are the authentic Indian mangoes. These mangoes are pretty hard to get when you move abroad and it can cost a lot to import them from India. Sinces mangoes are a fresh fruit there is also a high risk of them rotting on the way. To help people out with this stores like Spice Village supermarket in Germany offer great deals and discounts on fresh Indian and Asians fruits and vegetables. One can buy Indian food online in Europe from Spice Village at pocket friendly prices. 

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Let us learn a bit about the most famous Indian mangoes: 

  1. Alphonso:

    Alphonso Mango

    The most popularly consumed mangoes in India are alphonso mangoes. They are available post the rains in the month of July, mostly in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. Alphonso mangoes are bright sunshiny yellow in colour and have a detectable taste and squishiness. They are the king of mangoes and can be used to make various mango flavoured desserts and other dishes. Get authentic and delicious mangoes along with other Indian groceries online in Europe at pocket friendly prices from Spice Village supermarket. 

  2. Kesar:

    Kesar Mango

    From the land of Gujarat, Kesar variety of mangoes is one of the sweetest categories. Famously known as the Queen of mangoes, Kesar mangoes are very sweet and grown majorly in and near Gujarat. They serve as a major ingredient in the making of various Indian summer sweets and exotic dishes because of their sweetness. Kesar mangoes are available through the months of May to July. 

  3. Dashehri:

    Dashehri Mango

    The royal mangoes from the royal city of Uttar Pradesh. UP’s Lucknow city is home to the elite variety of mangoes called Dashehri, available from mid May to late August. These mangoes have a delicious flavour and texture which is enjoyed by most mango lovers.
  4. Chausa:

    Chausa Mango

    Another great variety of mangoes grown in Uttar Pradesh. Chausa mangoes are easy to spot because of their squishy texture, yellow colour and distinctively delicious aroma. As the name suggests this category of mangoes are sucked on for the juice and pulp. They are mostly consumed by mango lovers and are not used in the making of dishes because of their build. 

  5. Safeda:

    Safeda Mango

    This exquisite variety of mangoes is also known as the King of Mangoes in South India. They are used to make some of the most delicious and popular South Indian dishes. Safeda Mangoes have a meaty and thick texture with thin yet firm skin. They are very healthy and are known to be rich in Vitamin A and C. 
Popular mango dishes include mango yogurt or mango curd, mango lassi, mango pie, mango kulfi, mango barfi, aam panna, aam chaat, raw mango chaat, mango pickle, mango milkshake, mango protein smoothie, mango shrikhand and many more. With a good recipe and the perfect Indian mangoes from Spice Village online supermarket in Germany, making these delicious dishes becomes a super easy task. Purchase all necessary and essential Indian groceries, ingredients and products along with the best Indian mangoes during the season in Germany and near by from Spice Village online store all available at pocket friendly prices with great deals and discounts.
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