Indian Sweet Dishes That Are a Must Have During Winters

Indian Sweet Dishes That Are a Must Have During Winters

The Indian winter season is a blissful time for some people. Staying in bed and enjoying a hot cup of tea every morning is the highlight of many people’s day. That first warm ginger filled tea hits differently. Apart from the tea for tea lovers, Indian cuisine has tons of sweet dishes and other dishes that are actually very comforting and delicious. These dishes are rich in flavour and aroma and are truly a sweet toothed person’s delight. 

Once a person leaves India, apart from the places and the people, the one thing everybody misses the most is the food. Indian food is mouth watering, filling, healthy and very comforting. The warmth of gajar ka halwa during the winters cannot be achieved by any comforter. Thanks to online Indian grocery stores like Spice Village supermarket in Germany, purchasing authentic Indian ingredients has become very easy. It is because of stores like these that one can now easily make traditional Indian dishes at their home in Germany without worrying about the extra charges or loss of ingredients. 

Spice Village has almost all the ingredients one requires to create some of the best Indian sweet dishes that are nutritious and delicious, as well as provide warmth and comfort to help you fight the cold weather. Indian sweet dishes are made using some of the most delicious and exquisite spices. While some are very easy to make, others take practice, time and a little effort. But no matter what they are a delight to have and will also help you win hearts during a party or otherwise. 

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Indian desserts can be consumed at any time of the day, after any meal or as an individual dish. They are creamy and soft but also crunchy and fluffy. Indian desserts unlike the others are made using very healthy vegetables and ingredients using some of the best, most nutritious spices. All these spices can be purchased thanks to the increase in online shopping in Germany

Some of the healthiest, irresistible Indian desserts one should try making at their homes during the cold winter season are: 

  1. Moong Dal ka halwa:

    Moong Dal ka halwa

    Lentils are one of the healthiest ingredients that are naturally rich in protein. Moong dal ka halwa is a delightful halwa full of ghee and nutrition. In India, moong dal ka halwa is a very famous and loved, easy to make dish adorned by people of all age groups. It takes time to make it but moong dal ka halwa is surely worth the wait. 

  2. Gajar ka halwa:

    Gajar ka halwa

    Carrots are a winter vegetable, staple to the season. With an abundance of carrots in the market, gajar ka halwa becomes the most heavily consumed winter sweet delight. With loads of effort, ghee and love, this dish in India has always been a mother's way of expressing her love for her family and children. It is made using grated carrots, ghee, khoya and sugar. The creamy texture of gajar ka halwa along with the dry fruits and spices added makes it a true delicacy.
  3. Peanut chikki:

    Gajar ka halwa

    Peanut chikki is a crunchy, delicious, jaggery candy, filled with peanuts. Very famously available and consumed during the winters, as soon as the season begins peanut chikki can be seen on every street, in every sweet shop and even with local street vendors, roaming from street to street selling this delicacy. Peanut chikki can also be made at home using authentic, and traditional Indian ingredients from Spice Village online store in Germany.
  4. Gond ke ladoo:

    Gond ke ladoo

    A sweet, medicinal and highly nutritious treat served to pregnant ladies and young mothers is made using wheat flour, edible gum or gond, ghee, sugar, melon seeds, almonds, and elaichi. Gond ke ladoo are a chewy delight that are warming and are consumed majorly during the winter season.
  5. Gajak:

    Gond ke ladoo

    Like chikki gajak can also be found everywhere in India during the winter season. People love the different shaped gajaks available in the market or sold by street vendors. These crispy delights are made using jaggery, and sesame seeds. They are very difficult to make but are worth every second. 
Indian sweet dishes provide warmth to your intern system, since most of them contain jaggery instead of plain sugar, they are super healthy. Jaggery is rich in calcium, a great source of iron, and super pocket friendly.
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