Indian Thali, Their Composition, and the Most Widely Consumed Ones

Indian Thali, Their Composition, and the Most Widely Consumed Ones

The Indian culture is getting more and more recognition around the world. And with this recognition, the country's many spices are also being loved for their taste and aroma. People abroad look for places to purchase Indian spices and Indian groceries online with free shipping, like Spice Village in Germany.

There are so many different types of food choices In India, from spicy to sweet, from savoury to flavourful, every cuisine is different and offers a different experience.

So, for you to experience different cultures and their foods, there are Thali. Comes with a small number of different dishes and sweets, this is a whole meal in itself. So let’s dive into the world of this cultural exploration thali.

Make these incredibly delicious thali at your home by getting authentic groceries from Spice Village supermarket, the best online Indian grocery store in Germany. Here is a list of Thali with their components in order of their popularity: - 

  1. Punjabi Thali

Loaded with Makkhan (Butter), the Punjabi dishes are tasty and very popular. Famous dishes like butter chicken comes in the non – vegetarian version of this thali.

The two types of Punjabi thali’s offered and their components– 

  • Vegetarian – Naan, Dal Makhani, Jeera rice, Paneer Butter Masala, and a Lassi.
  • Non-Vegetarian – Butter chicken, Amritsari naan, Jeera rice, Naan, and Lassi.
  1. Rajasthani Thali

Colorful local dishes with local ingredients make this thali very unique. The dishes are different and a whole different experience.

Components of a Rajasthani thali – Daal Baat Churma, Gatte ki sabzi with Missi roti, Panchmela Dal, Laal mass, and bajre ki roti with a glass of salted buttermilk.

  1. Haryanvi Thali

This state in India loves Desi ghee or white butter. So, the dishes made are always loaded with desi ghee, even sweets are made with desi ghee as an ingredient.

Components of Haryanvi thali – Hara dhaniya cholia, Bajra aloo ki roti, Besan masala roti, Kachri ki sabji, and Khichdi. Desserts are Alsi ki Pinni and bhura ghee roti.

  1. Maharashtrian Thali 

The Foods in Maharashtra are a little spicier than the other thali. The dishes are made using local ingredients and specialties. 

Components of Maharashtrian thali – Kosimbir, Bhakri roti, Aamras, Bharli vingal, pitla, Amti, Pandhra rassa and Mutton kolhapuri. Desserts are Kheer and Basundi.

  1. Kerala Thali

Also known as The Sandhya meal, the thali is served on a banana leaf, as they decompose better than plastic and when hot food is served on the leaf, it excretes a healthy supplement that improves one’s nourishment.

Components of Kerela thali – Beans thoran, Aviyal, Pulissery, Erissery, sambhar, rasam, vegetable stew, Thenga, choru (Coconut rice). The desert served is a creamy Rice payasam.

  1. Bengali Thali

This thali is one of the most famous ones and is packed with delicacies that will make you crave more. The dishes are spicy and an amazing dessert is served for making the dish complete.

Components of Bengali Thali are – Shukto (Medley of vegetables tasting bittersweet) Shaank and Aloo Bhaaja, Cholaar Dal, Bhaat (Cooked rice) Maach Bhaja (Fried Fish) Maccher Kalia (Fish Curry) and Kosha Mangsho (Thick Mutton curry) with dessert Payesh ( Rice pudding ).

  1. Kashmiri Thali

This is an art. The thali reeks of the rich culture of Kashmir. Most of the dishes are meat-based and is also called Wazwan (a type of all meat multi-course meal) this thali is served internationally at different cultural food festivals and is loved by all.

Components of Kashmiri thali – Kebab Nadir Shahi (Lotus root stuffed with Aam papad), Tabak Maaz (Ribs of lamb fried), Ghost yakhani, Kashmiri dum aloo, Kashmiri pulao, Al Raita (Yogurt in bottle gourd) and a loved by all Indians Phirni.

  1. Gujarati Thali

Gujarati thali only consists of vegetarian dishes. The Dishes are mostly sweet in taste and the state is known for its sweet tasting dishes. 

Components of Gujrati thali are – Dal (a famous lentil), Kadhi, Righna palak nu shaak (Brinjal curry with spinach) and Gajar Mrich sambhar. The snacks are Dhokla and thepla with sweet dessert shrikhand.

  1. Chattisgarh Thali

Chattisgarh thali has an important ingredient and is used in almost all dishes, Rice. The state loves rice and the dishes are rich in taste and spices.

Components of Chattisgarh Thali – Aamat, Pakoda rice, Urad dal fritter also called Dehati bada, Muthiya fara (Crispy rice balls) Paan roti, Dubki kasdhi, served with desserts such as Gulgule and Kusli.

  1. Assamese Thali

 A traditional Assamese thali reeks of their amazing culture and local specialties. The dishes are both vegetarian and meat used, spicy and sweet.

Components of Assamese thali are – Khar, a curry made using raw papaya, Pura (A type of smoked meat) powdered dry banana skins, Poita bhat (Rice is cooked in Mustard oil, different chillies and chopped onions) Pitika and fritters known as Bor. Desserts are Rice payas and Coconut laddus called Narikolor Laru.

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