Make These Indian Halwas in Germany Using Ingredients from Spice Village

Make These Indian Halwas in Germany Using Ingredients from Spice Village

Indian cuisine has a wide range of mouth watering, delicious dishes. From tangy and spicy to subtle and sweet. Indian dishes tackle every taste bud of a human tongue. They are nutritious, delicious and easy to whip up. Indian desserts are of various kinds and are consumed worldwide. One can buy Indian food online like groceries, ready made meals, ingredients, packaged meals and desserts in Germany from Spice Village supermarket and various stores like it in other parts of the world. These online grocery stores offer various deals and discounts throughout the year and are very easy and convenient to use which makes them an attraction for those who are mostly too busy to go grocery shopping. 

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Indian desserts are truly to die for. They are the epitome of tradition and culture in India. Indian sweets are offered to deities during pooja or rituals and are also served as prasad or fruit of the ritual to the people. Indian desserts are of various kinds. While some are very tough and time taking to make, others can be made in the matter of minutes.

Here are some categories of Indian sweet dishes or desserts most commonly consumed all over the world: 

  1. Halwa: Indian halwas are very light and liquidy yet delicious delicacies. They are made mostly in a pan and are loaded with nuts and dry fruits.
  2. Ladoos: Offered to many lords, Indian ladoos have a different taste and craze around the globe. 

  3. Barfi: Frozen or solid treats cut in the shape of a diamond, or square are mouth watering treats made in a variety of flavours.
  4. Others: Jalebi, shrikhand, payasam, imarti and many more which do not fall under the conventional categories but are tasty and healthy. 

Indian halwas have for generations been associated with a mother’s love. They are a symbol of the love and care a mother has for her children and her family and how she uses the sweetness and deliciousness of a halwa to express it. Indian halwas are made using very minimal ingredients and are garnished with delicious ingredients like nuts, dry fruits, grated coconut, etc. Get all the required ingredients at your doorstep by ordering from Spice Village, the best Indian grocery store in Berlin.

Here are a few Indian halwa with their basic ingredient list, you must try making at home: 

  1. Gajar ka Halwa:

    The winter soldier! As soon as the winter season arrives in India it is time for some warm gajar ka halwa. Since carrots are in abundance during winters in India, this becomes the most widely consumed halwa of the season. Gajar ka halwa has very basic ingredients like carrots, ghee, sugar, cardamom powder, milk and khoya. 
  1. Sooji ka Halwa:

    Sooji ka Halwa

    Indians kids have had sooji or semolina halwa for most parts of their lives. It is one sweet dish prepared by Indian mothers very frequently, since it is not only easy to make but also very less time consuming. The basic ingredients required to make this delicious sweet dish at home are rawa or sooji, ghee, milk, sugar and dry fruits and nuts for garnishing. 

  2. Atte ka Halwa:

    Atte ka Halwa

    Made using wheat flour, atte ka halwa is a famous dessert in the Northern parts of India. It is also served as prasad in various states. One can make atte ka halwa using whole wheat, ghee, sugar and just milk. 

  3. Lauki ka Halwa:

    Lauki ka Halwa

    Why make healthy eating boring when you can make it delicious and fun. Lauki or bottle gourd is a very healthy and nutritious vegetable which is also good for gut health. Ingredients used in making lauki ka halwa are also very simple, they include bottle gourd/ lauki, milk, sugar, cardamom powder, ghee and is loaded with dry fruits and nuts.

  4. Besan ka Halwa:

    Besan ka Halwa

    Another delicious and creamy dessert that can be served to guests and loved ones as part of a meal is Besan ka halwa. Made using gram flour, sugar, cardamom powder, ghee and dry fruits, besan ka halwa is a delicacy for all age groups.
All these halwas are the perfect dessert options even for the health conscious people. You can replace the white sugar for brown sugar and make it even healthier.
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