Plan a Traditional Indian Meal with  Spice Village Store in Germany

Plan a Traditional Indian Meal with Spice Village Store in Germany

Indian food is super delicious, healthy, filling and loaded with unique flavours which people all over the world love. There is a huge variety of all kinds of dishes included in the Indian cuisine. From sweet to savoury, from subtle flavoured to tangy, Indian cuisine has it all. Indian cuisine has a dish for every age group and every taste bud. So a super easy, fun to make and delicious Indian dinner, is the perfect theme for any party. The only difficulty in making this possible is of getting the groceries and ingredients required to make this meal. Well not anymore! With Spice Village, one of the best online grocery stores in Germany, making an Indian meal at home can be a very easy and fun task. Spice Village has tons of brand and product options for one to choose from. 

Spice Village supermarket has a well categorised website with a secure payment gateway and tons of offers to make online grocery shopping an easy and convenient task for anyone on any day. Premium quality Indian and Asian ingredients and groceries are up for grabs for those living in Germany and various other European countries, with free shipping. The products at Spice Village put together are more than enough to make a delicious Indian meal at home without worrying about any of the extra costs or charges. Online shopping in Germany can still feel risky to many but stores like Spice Village allow their users to leave comments and reviews on their social media platforms as well as their website to make shopping from their website a more comfortable option for new customers. 

There are various things, ingredients, groceries and accessories which one needs while making a traditional Indian meal. One full fledged Indian meal comprises of rotis or chapatis or any Indian bread, rice, a dry vegetable dish called sabzi to have with the bread, a curry dish for the rice that can also be consumed with the chapatis, dessert or sweet dish called a mithai and sides like pickle, papad, raita or lassi or curd and salad. When all these tiny dishes are put together on a plate they make for the perfect Indian meal. Making all these dishes seems like a tough thing to do, but they are all made in an Indian household regularly almost three times a day. Sides are mostly available pre-made and can be directly served. The rotis and the rice are quick to make once you gain the experience and practice. The curry and the dry vegetable dish might take a little time depending on various factors like how much needs to be made, what is the dish and the utensils you have. 

Spice Village has you entirely covered when it comes to making an Indian meal at home in Germany. From the accessories or utensils required to the groceries and the spices, Spice Village online store has it all. It is one of the best online shops in Germany to get an Indian kitchen essentials. Here are a few must-have kitchen essential accessories you need while making an Indian meal at home. All these kitchen utensils required to make Indian food are available at Spice Village’s website: 

  1. Coconut scraper: If you love having South Indian food and plan on making it frequently this tool is a must have for you. A coconut scraper as the name suggests helps you scrape out the coconut flesh from the shell without applying extra strength or breaking any of your other tools. For those who make south Indian meals frequently, which includes coconut in abundance, this is the most helpful and perfect tool. 
  2. Mixer grinder: The best tool there is! From making gravies to delicious chutneys, a grinder is what you need. Spice Village has a range of various grinders from some of the best brands like Prestige. These mixer grinders are helpful in the making of masalas, spice mixes, making gravies, chutneys and much more. Purchase great quality mixer grinder from Spice Village, one of the best online shops in Germany

  3. Rice cooker: Rice is one of the most important dishes included in a full fledged Indian meal plan. Especially in South India, rice is a staple grain, it is consumed regularly and in large quantities. Spice Village has the best quality traditional rice cooker for all to use and make healthy and fluffy rice at home very easily and quick. 

Next comes the condiments, sides and main dish ingredients which one needs to make a complete Indian meal. Here are some of the must have ingredients you need from Spice Village to make the best Indian dishes: 

  1. Wheat flour or atta
  2. Basmati rice
  3. South Indian rice
  4. Poha and vermicelli for breakfast dishes
  5. Other flours (rice flour, rava, corn flour, besan or gram flour, bajra flour, proso millet, moong flour) 
  6. Lentils
  7. Spices (whole, powdered and mixed) 
  8. Spice Mixes
  9. Ready made or ready to eat meals
  10. Pickles
  11. Chutneys
  12. Mango pulp
  13. Sauces and pastes
  14. Ghee and oils
  15. Papad
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