Where to get premium quality seasonal Indian mangoes in Germany?

Where to get premium quality seasonal Indian mangoes in Germany?

Mangoes have forever been the best part of the summer season in India. People of all age groups wait for the summer season to arrive just so they can have a huge variety of juicy, delicious mangoes along with the various mango sweets, desserts and other dishes. Mango pickles are also a hit, made using raw mangoes, these pickles mark the beginning of the summer season also known as the season of mangoes. Mangoes are the king of fruits in India and are loved by all. Various Indian states have their own variety of mango. These mangoes are consumed as a fruit, in the form of sweet and savoury dishes and sweets like mango barfi, mango lassi, aam rus and many more. Indian mangoes are juicy and act as the perfect summer refreshment. They are heavy enough to fill your stomach but also light enough to not make you want to skip an entire meal. 

Leaving India means having to leave the juiciness and deliciousness of having Indian mangoes during the summer. Food is something which has the power to always make one feel at home. So finding Indian mangoes when abroad is a dream come true for many. Earlier, this used to be a very rare occurrence. Importing Indian mangoes is not only very difficult but also very costly. So people had to give up on the hope of having an Indian mango filling summer season. But thanks to stores like Spice Village, an online Indian shop in Berlin, this isn't a tiresome task anymore. Not only those from India and who have been to India can have authentic and premium quality Indian mangoes at a pocket friendly price at their home but also those who have never tried Indian mangoes can enjoy them in Berlin, Germany. 

Spice Village supermarket is an online Indian store in Berlin specialising in providing great quality, authentic and budget friendly Indian and Asian groceries, brands, products and most kitchen essentials in Germany from Spice Village supermarket. Along with a huge variety of these products Spice Village also offers various deals and discounts on products during the festive season. A thoroughly segregated and user friendly website will help you pick and search for brands and products authentic to the land of India and Asia. With features like same day delivery in Berlin on fresh groceries and free shipping in Germany and other parts of Europe, Spice Village has become a one stop destination for all Indian and Asian, grocery and kitchen needs. 

Mango season calls for some of the most healthy, mouth watering and yum Indian delicacies. Some of these delicacies require only two or three ingredients and are very easy and quick to make. The only problem people worldwide face is purchasing the good quality mangoes which Spice Village solves for those in Germany and nearby. Authentic quality mangoes are not only delicious but also very healthy. Here are some health benefits of having mangoes during the summer season: 

  1. They are loaded with nutrients like vitamin, minerals and has rich antioxidant properties
  2. Vitamin K in Indian mangoes help prevent anaemia and promote blood clotting 
  3. Mangoes have found to lower the risk of cancer
  4. Mangoes are a very rich source of magnesium and potassium 
  5. They lower of risk of a heart attack, regulate pulse and lower blood pressure 
  6. Mangoes also have a compound that reduces inflammation of the heart
  7. Mangoes reduce constipation and promote digestion
  8. They help improve the digestive tract and digestion process
  9. Mangoes are also very rich in fibre 
  10. A medium sized mango has approximately 202 calories, 3 gram protein and 5 grams of fibre 

And the best part is that they are extremely juicy and yum. Mangoes, along with the various health benefits also act as an ingredient with which a variety of unique and refreshing dishes can be made for a fun day at home, or for the guests. One must try homemade Mango lassi which is very refreshing during a hot day. 

Get premium quality Indian mangoes at prices your wallet will love from Spice Village and make mouth watering, traditional as well as unique Indian mango sweets, desserts and much more at home. People residing in Germany and near by do not need to feel bad about missing the Indian mango season anymore with Spice Village’s mango range. These mangoes are available for same day delivery in Berlin and are priced at very reasonable rates. 

Spice Village has proven to be the best place to get Indian mangoes in Germany along with being the perfect grocery store in Berlin to get Indian and Asian kitchen essentials, kitchen accessories, and groceries, ingredients, brands and products. With a huge variety, great deals, budget friendly products, brands from Asia and India along with features like same day delivery and free shipping, Spice Village is the place to fulfil all your grocery needs. Online shopping has been made an easy and convenient way to shop for groceries thanks to stores like Spice Village.
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