Rice Flour: Where to Get, How to Use, Health Benefits and Popular Asian Dishes

Rice Flour: Where to Get, How to Use, Health Benefits and Popular Asian Dishes

Rice is a staple grain in Asia among various others. While rice is high in carbohydrates and calories it still is one of the healthiest grains in the Asian cuisine. People consume rice and rice flour, more frequently than one would estimate. In India, rice is consumed regularly and is even used to make various snackables and others. Rice flour is healthier than all-purpose flour and helps make crispy delights. South Indian dishes like Dosa, Idli, etc, are mostly made using rice flour. In South Eastern Asian countries like Japan, Vietnam, and Korea, rice flour is used to make glass noodles, rice noodles, rice paper for sushi rolls, spring roll sheets, rice cakes and many more dishes. Rice flour is the healthy, gluten-free and easy alternative to all-purpose flour, which one must have at home at all times. 

Rice flour is made by milling rice grains, thus it becomes important to look into the kind of rice grains being used, before choosing the perfect brand of rice flour. The easiest way to get rice flour is from Asians stores like Spice Village Supermarket, an Asian shop in Berlin, Germany providing people of Germany with some of the best, premium quality Indian and Asian ingredients at pocket friendly prices. Since rice grains are directly milled to make rice flour, there are chances of insecticides and pesticides being milled as well which is why the brand and quality check is important. Thus purchasing rice flour from a well-renowned and genuine Asian shop is the best deal. The best rice flour is obtained from organic rice grains. 

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Here are a few reasons why rice flour is considered to be healthy and a must have for all those who love making Asian meals at home: 

  1. It is high in dietary fibre
  2. Rice flour is gluten free
  3. Helps keep digestive tract in optimum shape 
  4. Works on cardiovascular health
  5. Improves liver health 
  6. Manages blood sugar levels
  7. Helps maintain bone strength 
  8. Prevents buildup of fat and cholesterol on liver
  9. Boosts body’s natural immune system
  10. Contains high levels of natural protein
  11. Helps remove dead skin and acts a great exfoliant 
  12. Helps prevent various skin problems 

Since you know a little about the numerous health benefits of using and incorporating rice flour in your daily life, here are some famous Asian rice flour recipes one must try with authentic rice flour from Spice Village, one of the best Asian supermarkets in Berlin

  1. Rice Cakes:

    Rice Cakes

    Steamed rice cakes are a famous Asian dish, made using different flavours and in different shapes. The basic ingredients remain the same but there are changes in some depending on the kind of rice cake being made. Asian rice cakes are generally steamed. 

  2. Rice Noodles or Glass Noodles:

    Rice Noodles

    Another well known healthy Asian dish made using rice flour are rice noodles. Very popular in the Japanese sub-cuisine of Asia, rice noodles are consumed very frequently. They are also popular in Thailand and other parts of Asia. Rice noodles are very popular used to make Thai cuisine dishes such as Pad thai, etc and also for stir-fry dishes. 

  3. Chinese New Year Cake:

    Chinese New Year Cake

    The famous Chinese new year cake is made using rice flour. The rice flour gives the cake a chewy texture. It is also a steamed cake made using rice flour and sugar.
  4. Rice Pasta:

    Rice Pasta

    For those looking for healthy alternatives to pasta, one of the best ones is made using rice flour. Since rice flour is way healthier than all-purpose flour it can be replaced to make paste. 
Now that you know, make mouth-watering, healthy and must try Asian dishes at home using authentic Rice flour of various popular and genuine brands in Germany from Spice Village supermarket. Find many more authentic Asian ingredients in Germany at Spice Village store and make sure you have a healthy and delicious meal every time. Purchasing Asian and Indian ingredients, groceries, products and traditional brands has never been this easy.
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