A Must-Have Indian Ingredient: Cilantro or Coriander

A Must-Have Indian Ingredient: Cilantro or Coriander

The entire Indian cuisine works on the principle of the right ingredient, right quantity, and the right time. Each and every ingredient used by chefs to make Indian dishes from the Indian cuisine is carefully selected and each one of them has a purpose to serve. Some ingredients are used for their health benefits, others for their taste, some for the colour they impart in the dish, and serve all these purposes. Indian spices, ingredients, herbs, and groceries can be used as the healthier and better replacement of various products used in the west. These replacement ingredients are also being accepted and adopted all over the globe. 

Indian ingredients and groceries are one of the largest factors behind the growth and popularity of Indian cuisine. One can get all these Indian groceries online in Germany from Spice Village supermarket. These ingredients are full of health benefits, flavours, and aroma. They are fun to use and instantly enhance the entire dish. Indian ingredients can be used in various ways. For example, Turmeric or haldi can be used to heal both external and internal wounds, and it also acts as an immunity booster. People use Indian ingredients in the making of dishes from various other cuisines, which is what makes these ingredients a must have in every house. 

The dishes at Indian restaurants taste special and delicious because of the gracious use of these ingredients. The flavour and aroma imparted by Indian herbs and spices are irreplaceable and truly irresistible. Indian herbs are also used as a garnish to add freshness and taste to dishes. These herbs and spices have been a part of the Indian culture for ages and Indians take great pride in being experts in handling them and pairing them up with various groceries and ingredients. With the growth and wide spread of the internet people in the countries abroad are also being driven to purchase and use these spices on a regular basis. 

To get the best Indian groceries online in Berlin check out Spice Village supermarket. Spice Village is an online Indian and Asian grocery store providing people in Germany with authentic and premium quality, traditional Indian herbs, spices, brands, ingredients and products. These products are all organically sourced and are thus perfect for frequent or regular consumption by all. Spice Village also offers great deals and discounts on purchases and especially during the festive season. Fresh groceries are also available at Spice Village supermarket with same-day delivery available only in Berlin. Spice Village has won hearts in Germany by providing a huge variety of great quality products available at pocket friendly prices. 

Indian herbs are a must have fresh Indian ingredient. They add flavour, finesse and a mesmerising aroma to all the dishes. These herbs have been in use for their medicinal benefits since ayurvedic times. One of the most frequently used herbs in the Indian cuisine is cilantro or coriander. It is used as a garnish in almost all dishes as it adds a very refreshingly delicious flavour to them. A fresh chopped coriander garnish will make your dish look appetising and taste very refreshing. Coriander is a part of the parsley family and is used as both a herb and a spice in the Indian cuisine. Fresh coriander leaves are very easy to find at Spice Village supermarket, the perfect place for grocery shopping online in Germany

Coriander has been in use and in the kitchens of people since Roman times. Romans used coriander to flavour their plain bread and ever since this herb is being used by chefs for flavouring, colour, and garnishing. It is used in soups, salads, salsas, Indian curries and other dishes, even as a garnish over Indian breads, in Pasta, pizza and many more. Given below are some health benefits of cilantro which makes it a must have Indian herb:

  1. Helps lower blood sugar levels
  2. Since it is an essential medicine being used since the Ayurvedic period, it has very rich in anti-oxidants
  3. Boosts immunity 
  4. Helps develop heart health
  5. Protects and promotes brain health and soothe anxiety symptoms
  6. Improves gut health and boosts digestion
  7. Fights infections and helps with internal healing
  8. Protects the skin
Indian cuisine is filled with herbs, spices and dishes that provide a long list of health benefits to those who regularly consume them. Spices and herbs like Cilantro are also very easy to include in your everyday diet. Purchase great quality fresh groceries and Indian and Asian products which are not easily available elsewhere, from Spice Village supermarket in Germany. Along with Indian and Asian groceries, Spice Village also has a variety of snacks, namkeens, ready to eat meals, sauces, vegetables, pastes, and many more items for a person to choose from. Spice Village is truly a one-stop destination for anybody looking for Indian and Asian products in Germany at reasonable and pocket friendly prices.
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