Some Popular, and Most Delicious Asian Curry Dishes to Make at Home

Some Popular, and Most Delicious Asian Curry Dishes to Make at Home

Ever wondered if there is anything that would make you stand apart as a host? Serving an Asian themed party with Asian cuisine dishes might be just what you need. To leave you guests and friends in awe, or to make your night a little special, Asian meals are the way to go. In recent years, the widespread use of the internet has led to an increase in the popularity of Asian cuisine dishes as well. People all over the globe are now trying Asian dishes at their home as well as at restaurants. Although Asian dishes made at home have special flavours and taste. Asian cuisine includes a huge variety of dishes from different countries in Asia, making them unique and delicious. Most Asian dishes have a distinctive taste, aroma and cooking method for which they are famous everywhere in the world.

To make these mouth watering Asian dishes at home all you need is the correct recipe to follow and all the right premium quality ingredients used in the correct quantities. One can now get all the necessary Asian ingredients in Berlin from Spice Village an Asian supermarket in Germany providing people living or visiting Germany with a wide range of great quality Asian groceries, brands, products and ingredients. Using these ingredients one can easily make any Asian dish, with authentic and traditional taste and aroma, easily at their home and serve to their guests, family and closed ones. Spice Village is an Indian and Asian groceries supermarket based in Germany, helping people there make authentic dishes using ingredients from Asia. 

Making Asian dishes is a fun task for those who like cooking and wish to spend time in the kitchen. Asian cuisine includes Thai food, Indian food, Indonesian food, Chinese, Japanese dishes, Korean dishes, and many more. The variety of dishes thus expands with each specific sub-cuisine of the Asian cuisine. With so many choices of dishes, it might seem difficult to choose the best among the best. In this article we will learn about a few most delicious and popular Asian cuisine curry dishes which can be consumed as soups, stews with rice, or enjoyed with a side of Indian breads or Asian breads. Asian curry dishes are rich, creamy and serve as the perfect comfort food meals for all. 

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Some of the most popular and must try Asian curry dishes which are perfect for a family dinner or any other occasion are:

  1. Gaeng Hung Lay curry (Thailand):

    Gaeng Hung Lay curry

    Thai cuisine and most importantly the Thai green curry is now a very popular dish across the globe. Online, international supermarkets keep all the ingredients required to make Thai dishes. The curry made in Northern Thailand is comparatively different from that served elsewhere. In the North, most significantly, coconut cream isn’t a frequently or commonly used ingredient, and pork is used more often. Gaeng Hang Lay is deliciously tender pork chunks marinated and cooked in a creamy, thick, rich, and super spicy sauce. No matter how much time this dish takes to make it is totally worth it, to have on a cold winter night.

  2. Polos curry (Sri Lanka):

    Polos curry

    Those who have been to the land of Srilanka are very well aware of the staple dish of curry and rice, which is sometimes even served for breakfast. Unlike other Asian curry plates, the one in Srilanka will most probably have three different curry dishes accompanied with a huge pile of steamed rice. One of the most popular and yummy Sri Lankan curry is a beetroot curry called polos curry, the main ingredient of which is young jackfruit.

  3. Beef Rendang (Indonesia):

    Beef Rendang

    This curry is a rich, creamy, spicy, coconut beef stew and is one of the most popular dishes in Asia and Indonesia. Unlike other curry dishes, this curry dish is extra special and made only during special occasions, festivals or to impress someone. Beef Rendang is a tough to cook, time consuming dish made by slowly cooking meat in simmering coconut milk.

  4. Chicken Tikka Masala (India):

    Chicken Tikka Masala

    The most delicious Indian non vegetarian dish, enjoyed with steamed rice, flavoured jeera rice, Indian breads like chapatis, naans, khameeri rotis etc. The marinated and cooked chicken is added to a special thick, creamy and mouth watering gravy called that masala. This masala is super rich in Indian spices and herbs
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