Best Indian Condiments to Compliment Your Meals

Best Indian Condiments to Compliment Your Meals

With the increasing spread of Indian cuisine it is pretty common for people abroad to serve Indian delicacies and have an Indian themed party. Worldwide people have now started enjoying and making full use of the variety of dishes available in the Indian cuisine. Most chefs now have a separate section of utensils and spices, along with other Indian ingredients that are required to make Indian cuisine dishes at home. Making Indian cuisine dishes at home and serving them to guests will definitely make you the star host of the group and make your party a happening one. Indian meals also go well as comfort food, like Indian curries and can also be served to cancel out heavy meals. 

Earlier in the day, cooking or even having Indian food for a meal was a difficult thing. Main reason being unavailability of Indian food abroad and the myths of Indian food being considered to be very unhealthy.  People abroad had very little knowledge about the diversity of the Indian cuisine and thought that it focused mainly on super oily, spicy and unhealthy dishes only. The internet era opened the possibility for those living in the western countries to explore India, its culture, people and food, through the web. This made them realise how simple, delicious and healthy Indian meals were. Slowly and steadily Indian cuisine paved its way into the lives of many worldwide. 

Now there are Indian restaurants all over the world serving premium quality and authentic Indian food. But thanks to online grocery stores with free shipping like Spice Village in Germany it has also become easier for people to purchase Indian groceries and ingredients and make Indian meals, condiments, sweets, drinks, etc at their homes as well. Indian food is now not only cooked on many occasions but is also a part of many’s regular diets. Number of Indian restaurants abroad has also increased but with the availability of Indian groceries and recipes online people prefer a good home cooked Indian meal. Indian food has come a long way from being unhealthy and rejected to being added to the regular diets of those living abroad. 

Spice Village supermarket is an online Indian grocery store in Berlin, Germany providing those living in Germany with premium quality ingredients and groceries from India at pocket friendly prices. Spice Village has a huge variety of Indian brands, products, groceries and ingredients required by one to make a full fledged Indian meal at home. It is a one stop shop for people in Germany to get all their Indian and Asian groceries with free shipping in Germany, all premium quality and available at reasonable prices. Spice Village provides its customers with great deals and discounts especially during the festive season making it the perfect place to get all the groceries. Shopping at online stores like Spice Village saves time, energy, reduces expenditure and helps people purchase only the things they truly require. 

One of the best parts of having an Indian meal is enjoying the condiments. Unlike other cuisine condiments, Indian side dishes are rich in flavour, have a strong culinary taste and are thoroughly enjoyed by all. Indian condiments range from crunchy to melt in mouth textured dishes. These condiments are mostly made by the family’s elderly in Indian households but are also up for purchase at Spice Village along with other Indian groceries in Germany. Indian condiments have the power to up your meal game in just seconds. Most of these dishes are pre-made and saved for later use. They are delicious and a must try by all Indian cuisine lovers and fanatics. 

Some of the best and most popular Indian condiments include: 

  1. Pickle:


    Vegetable pickles are the speciality of Indian grandmothers. They are made with utmost care, love and hard work. Indian vegetables and fruits are chopped in specific shapes, filled with a special spice mixture called a masala, dipped in oil and left for a few days to get ready and soak in the oil and spices. This condiments goes well with all North Indian meals, like Chole bhature, parathas of all kinds, etc. Some of the pickles one can serve are mango pickle, mixed vegetable pickle, green and red chilli pickle, carrot pickle during winters and many more.

  2. Papad:


    Papad is made using a spiced dal dough, pinned and rolled to make this paper thing round shaped condiment. It is later dried in the sun and roasted or fried to make crispy thin papads. Indian papads come in various different flavours and are consumed with most dishes. Most Indian states have their own flavours, shapes and ways of cooking papads. Some of the varieties of Indian papads one can enjoy with any meal are rice papad, garlic papad, sabudana papad, ragi papad, hing papad, aloo papad, punjabi papad, south Indian papad, etc. 

  3. Chutney:


    One of the most versatile and delicious Indian condiments is the chutney. A chutney is made using a combination of different ingredients, herbs, groceries and spices all blended together to make a fine paste. It is of different texture, flavour and compliments different dishes. Indian chutneys are very easy and quick to make and instantly lift up the entire meal. They are a definite must try Indian condiment which can be made very conveniently at home using the right ingredients and spices. Popular Indian chutneys include coriander chutney, mint chutney, tamarind chutney, coconut chutney, red chilli chutney, etc.
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